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fences. You know the saying: Good fences make good neighbors. To be successful in safety, we have to get to know our workers. During a recent supervisor workshop, I gave the participants a short, 10-question quiz. Some of the questions I asked were: ˆ(S]SYORS[XLI½VWX names of the spouses ERHGLMPHVIRSJ½ZISJ your workers? ˆ'ER]SYREQIXLI biggest crisis in three of your workers’ lives? ˆ -RXLITEWX[IIO
LEZI]SYKMZIR three or more sincere “way-to-gos” for strong work performance? ˆ -RXLIPEWX[IIO
LEZI]SYEGXMZIP] coached an employee during the performance of a job? ˆ -RXLIPEWXXLVIIQSRXLW
LEZI] ou written a personal note to an employee thanking him/her for a job well done? I was not surprised that this group of supervisors did not do well. The bottom line is that we need to get engaged with our workers and allow them to get engaged with us. If we truly get to know them, we will build a relationship that tells them that we care about their well-being. Once our workers understand our motives, they will be more receptive to the caring conversations that sometimes have to take place. Less GSR¾MGX[MPPVIWYPX
ERHXLIVI[MPPFIE greater willingness on the part of our supervisors to coach in the future. Get engaged with your workers and they will become a part of your safety success. Bill Dampf has been in the safety profession for over 30 years and a public speaker for 13. He has acquired both his B.S. and Masters degrees in Industrial Safety, is a published EYXLSVERHE'IVXM½IH7EJIX] Professional. Bill welcomes the opportunity to deliver a safety message to your workers. He can be contacted at bdampf@ or 573-230-3910. 21 Western Energy / Winter 2012 /

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